Early On

Established by Larry Brady in 1980 and incorporated in 1996, Brady Trucking has been providing quality trucking services for more than 30 years. Brady Trucking is considered one of the safest and most reliable truckload carriers in the United States


Today, Brady Trucking owns and operates over 150 Peterbilt trucks and more than 300 trailers at transportation facilities strategically placed throughout the Rocky Mountain region. With terminals in Utah and Illinois, Brady Trucking is able to provide ample truck capacity to customers without sacrificing service.

What we do

We provide customized transportation solutions to haul whatever you need with exceptional customer service. The top-of-the-line fleet includes pneumatic trailers, vacuum trailers, dry van trailers, low boy trailers, flat beds, drop deck trailers, side dump and belly dumps, storage silos, trans-loaders, and nitrogen transports.

We operate using the most advanced high-tech systems available. Qualcomm ensures our customers 24/7 truck tracking accessibility, as well as in-cab satellite communications. Our TMW dispatch software allows for optimum utilization guaranteeing the best customer service.

Our high values are reflected by our excellent working relationships with all the regulatory agencies, including permits with the tribal lands throughout the regions. Teamwork, accountability, and sustainability are our company’s guiding principles.

Brady's Story